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Book #2 is Live

It Smells Like Burnt RopeIt Smells Like…Burnt Rope

For Cathy L. Kidd and her canine partner, Vica, it was time to do some Nosework training again! They’d not been able to go out for a few days because of Cathy’s work schedule and they were both anxious to have some training fun. After their last adventure in the park where they found a body of all things, Cathy decided they’d go somewhere safer and chose the parking lot at the local shopping center for vehicle searches. Vehicle searches had always been safe in the past so there was no reason to think otherwise today. But of course, there was a surprise in store for them! What Vica found this time took them on a whole new adventure and a new association with another fascinating dog and handler team.

It Smells Like…Burnt Rope is a novelette length book and the second in the Canine Nosework Mini Mystery series by author C. Liane Luini. It is designed to be a quick and enjoyable read for all ages and is available for Kindle on Amazon. We hope you enjoy it!