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Meet the Characters

Team VicaThe main characters of the Canine Nosework Mini Mysteries are Mini Poodle Vica and her partner and handler, Cathy L. Kidd.

Vica is a very lively, active and inquisitive dog who is 6 years old. She’s been training Nosework for about 3 years and absolutely loves it. She likes nothing better than getting out with Cathy to new areas with new challenges.

Cathy has been a dog lover for the better part of her life and has found her heart dog and partner in fun in Vica. When she’s not doing Nosework or Obedience with Vica, she makes her living on the computer. She publishes books, especially recipe books, and websites. She enjoys Internet research which definitely comes in handy as you’ll see in the books.

Welcome to Canine Nosework Mini Mysteries

This is a companion website to my series of Canine Nosework Mysteries entitled
It Smells Like…

Whether you are a dog or general mystery fan or someone who does Nosework with their dog, this site is for you!

The series of books came out of my love for my dog, Kara and the fun we have with Nosework. I’d never written a fiction book before and once I got started I found it just flowed!

It has been such a joy to write the first two books (with two more on the way!) I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I had writing them.

Be sure to come back often as I’ll give you updates on the latest books, a peek behind the cover, and some videos of Kara doing Nosework.

Join the journey with the first book

It Smells Like...Murder: A Canine Nosework Mini Mystery (#1)

It Smells Like…Murder: A Canine Nosework Mini Mystery (#1)

For Cathy L. Kidd and her canine partner, Vica, the beautiful, sunny day started like most others. It was a perfect day for a Nosework training outing and they were looking forward to testing their skills at a local park. They had been training for about three years in this exciting new sport and Vica was getting quite adept at finding the target birch and anise odors that Cathy set out for her.

This day may have started like most, but it sure didn’t end like most. What happened at the end of their training session surprised both of them and led them on an adventure they wouldn’t soon forget!

It Smells Like…Murder is a novelette length book and first in the Canine Nosework Mini Mystery series. It is designed to be a quick and enjoyable read for all ages. We hope you enjoy it!