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Marketing Help for a Newbie Fiction Writer

So I’ve written my first fiction book. How exciting is that, but now what??!?! How do I find people who would want to read it? How do I market it in the most effective way?

blog-hopLuckily for me just as I was trying to answer those questions, along came The Book Marketing Challenge hosted by a true expert, D’vorah Lansky of Build a Business with Your Book.

It was 30 days chock full of marketing tips and strategies and I was thrilled to see that there was a lot of information specifically for fiction writers.

The 30 days are coming to an end and I think the most valuable thing I took from it all was the need to really connect with your readers. I can see how you can do it in the non-fiction world pretty easily, but needed some guidance for my new endeavor. How do you build rapport with your readers? The start of course is a blog where people can come to discuss your book, ask questions and perhaps even give suggestions for future story lines. With the series I’m planning, suggestions would be welcome!

So this blog was born. You can see it’s brand spanking new and I will be adding content over the next few days to round it out. I got lots of ideas of information and even videos I could post so the content will add up quickly.

After that, it’s on to looking at doing a Virtual Book Tour. Included in the Challenge was a lot of guidance on what that is and how it’s done. I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.

All in all, the Challenge was exactly that! A Challenge to expand your knowledge, horizons and get out there and try different things. With help from a lot of new friends.